Monday, February 22, 2010

If your writing style was a person

I love hearing about what other people write. The internet seems to have a ton of Urban Fantasy writers, especially of the Young Adult variety--and who can blame them? It's an exciting, growing genre. There also seem to be zillions of Romance writers, or those like Jill Myles who combine the two.

Because of social media, I've been reading outside of my genre quite a bit lately, and enjoying the change. It's a bit like visiting new people. So tell me about your (writing) self:

Is your writing weird and cutting edge, with experimental short stories, perhaps published in McSweeney's?

Are you all funny and domestic and feel-good-y?

Are your sentences classic and perfect in every way?

Do you write for kids?

Hmm. I like historical fiction, but Marie here feels overwritten.

Or are you instead Mr. Manliness, flexing your rippling prose?
(Hubba hubba.)

Me? That's a tough question. I'd like to think my writing is a bit modern mom Sarah Jessica Parker--warm, accessible writing you've known since Square Pegs, who did the whole urban vibe and now focuses on mainly on family stuff, but still likes to get dressed up.

Who are you?


Emeila said...

Well, my friend describes my writing style as raw (I believe that is how you spell it) and from the heart.

I am writing about having a mental illlness(Bipolar and auditory hallucinations). Here is my blog if interested

Thank you for asking,
have a wonderful day:)

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I've never thought about this before. Hmm....

(Imagines Daniel Craig in a space suit)

Yep! That works.

SarahMarian said...

My writing style wants to be a witty, effervescent Jane Austen heroine but ends up often as a snarky, sentimental chick-lit heroine. C'est la vie :)

Janna Leadbetter said...

Ooh, this is a fantastic post. And thank you so much for using that word accessible. Of late I've been unable to pull it from my vocabulary, and relatable is only a half-sufficient substitute.

Hmm. I'd like to say I'm a sophisticated mom. Serious and honest, aware of propriety and presentation, but loving and sentimental.

Janna Leadbetter said...

^ And I do mean that to describe the kind of writer I am. :)

the wondering jew said...

I'm new at this (blogging) but i guess i am a frustrated writer. I dont have a particular style but my ultimate goal is to write for teeners. Btw, this entry caught my attention. like it :)

Purple Cow said...

Nice post! There's a far cry between being a writer and blogger. My blogging style is accessible and deeply personal. I blog between coffee breaks at work and do it for fun and for myself. I get all fuzzy when people respond, though, but not many do so maybe its crap...This is a thought that has occured to me.

WendyCinNYC said...

Emeila--Raw can be very moving. I'll chack out your blog. Thanks.

jcaddell--Ha! Intriguing.

fellow-ette--I think your writing style is plenty witty.

Janna--Yep, that's how I'd describe both you AND your writing style.

iamwalrus--It took me a while to develop my style (well, some could say it's still in development.) Thanks for visiting!

Purple Cow--I admit, I get fuzzy at responses, too. :)

Anonymous said...

What is that thing in the first picture? A glitter zombie? *shudders*

Anyway, I never thought about it, but I guess I'm a combo of the first two, edgy and homey, weird and funny. :)

Yasmine said...

interesting topic. i am not what i would categorize my writing like.

WendyCinNYC said...

shadowferret--Shadow Gaga? Lady Ferret? I always suspected it!

Thanks for visiting, yasmine and Olive Tree!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I'm so distracted by the photo (huba huba) that I'm not sure if I am a writer...

One of my critique group members said she likes how I get in the minds eye of my characters. I write and read children's fiction. When I was a teacher, I felt more defined. The a (respected) teacher in the grade level above me said that she could always tell which kids were mine. They could read and liked to read.

azuire said...

hello :) this post caught my eye.

My writing would be an Edwardian gentleman who has the wondrous ability of transforming into a decorative chandelier. Or a melted clock, if he feels a little peckish.


Melanie Hooyenga said...

Great post Wendy! And that's not just because this is the second time today I've seen that picture of Mr. Craig. Yum.

My blog writing is one aspect of my personality -- sarcastic, chatty, and hopefully amusing -- while my novels are more depressing. My YA idea will be more upbeat and I'm excited to get into this character.

Jude Simon said...

I have six chapters written on a book about my experiences in a mental institution where I was brainwashed into believing I am a satanic cult survivor with multiple personalities. True story of mind control, Stockholm Syndrome and an insurance scam.

I tried to write a journal of an alien stranded on earth. He is waiting on a replacement part for his spaceship to be delivered from his home planet but isn't sure if it will ever come because nothing they build has ever broken before. He goes into town when its crowded with tourists and surfs the web to learn about earth. I had trouble making the journal real.

Simon Hay said...

Writing style? I try to have a unique voice. Sell mind body spirit in a new way. Honest.

One of Them said...

Who me?
I love to write, but I'm way too ADD to write anything good except the occasional poem. Poetry=good literary medium. Sometimes I'll bust out the first paragraph of a good sounding story.
I'd say I'm like Pat Conroy, but he's a god, so call me a heavily watered down, teenage version of that. Minus the paragraphs.
My writing is... objectosexual. In all aspects. I like to capture emotions in objects, not actions or thoughts.