Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In case you haven't heard enough

Remember when I wrote my little ode to Springfield Cashew Chicken?  Well, yesterday the New York Times ran a long article about that very subject.* 

Dammit, now my craving is back. I'll have to go load up on MSGs and hope that will suffice.

*It's possible this is interesting to no one but me. 


Janna Leadbetter said...

How crazy I live in that thar state, and didn't know the history of cashew chicken. Now, I'm not a fan of cashews by any stretch, but I'll totally order it next time I'm at a Chinese place. Gotta try it.

Man, why didn't you think to write about it like that? ;)

Angie Ledbetter said...

LOL on your note at the bottom!

WendyCinNYC said...

Yes, and judging from the number of responses...true!

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Ha! That's funny. And interesting to me. :)