Monday, May 3, 2010

TMI, honey.

I've been pondering a blog post for the last few days. One that you've probably read if you are the reading-publishing-blogs type. Agent Jessica Faust wrote about how getting too TMI or political on the internet can hurt your career. And I agree.

Hmm. Some of what she said probably pertains to me. Although I keep most of my political leanings to myself (I will, however, post a feminist diatribe when provoked), I do get personal sometimes. Okay...frequently. If you don't believe me, see this post about my butt. I'd say writing about one's own backside is about as personal as it gets, wouldn't you? Jeez, I *hope* I'm not hurting my career! What she said has been making me think, that's for sure.

There are some blogs I read solely to garner the information within. Galleycat is one. Gawker and Jezebel have interesting stories, with their own (snarky) spin.

But some of my favorites I read because they are entertaining or make me laugh. Dooce comes to mind. If you are going the personal route, ya gotta do one (or more) of the following:

Have an angle
Melanie Avila wrote a blog about her experience as an American living in Mexico, and dealing with a her fish-out-of-water life and her husband's immigration status. It was interesting, especially when the drug violence began to heat up all around her. Now she's back in the states and I'm hooked on her story.

Bring the funny
I LOVE funny blogs. You can write about *anything* if you make it funny and I'm so there. I recently followed Tawna Fenske's hilarious tweets to her hilarious blog. You should do so, too. Debra Schubert and Colby Marshall are among the funny ranks as well. (Plus, Colby owns one of those naked cats. Naked cats = funny.)

Make it poignant
Janna over at Something She Wrote has the gift of noticing the little things in life, and how they relate to the big. Her blog has great insights.

All of those are pretty personal, and that's what make them great.

If you have a blog, what is it about? Or, if you're a reader, what kind of blogs keep you coming back?

Feel free to pimp your blog with a link in the comments.


Emeila said...

My blog as you know is about my story having Bipolar and coping skills. I tend to gear towards others that also have mental illness or disorders.

However, I also like short but sweet blogs (right to the point). If the blog is too long I loose my attention.

I like funny stories, art work, and christion stories about God.
Thank you for asking, have a great day

Cynthia Reese said...

Hey, I know that Tawna Fenske person! And she's just as hilarious in real life as she is on her blog. WYSIWYG in computer terms.

I think, more than anything, you have to be respectful. You can say almost anything as long as it is within the bounds of convention and you're not expecting the entire world to agree with you.

And your blog would be vanilla-boring without the occasional blogs about your butt and the dog with the sunglasses. Please, please, please don't stop!

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Aww, thanks for the love. It's ironic that you mention me in this context because I'm struggling for content without my hook.


Thanks for the mention!

I agree 100% that an author's blog should match his/her style. My style happens to be over-the-top humor, and that's what works for me both in blogging and in my books. It's also what I gravitate toward reading in other people's blogs. Agent Janet Reid always has me in stitches!

Thanks again for the blog love!

WendyCinNYC said...

Emeila--Thanks for sharing about your blog!

Cynthia--That's kinda what I was hoping. Besides, if my mom, my kids, and my butt are off-limits as blog topics....I'm not sure how I'd fill it.

Melanie--You're welcome. You're doing a good job without your hook so far--just keep being yourself.

Tawna--Glad you stopped by! I like JR's blog, too, as well as Moonrat's.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Wendy, I'm so touched. I didn't expect to see my name here! Thank you, lady.

And I say, if you wanna talk about your butt, go for it. Just no pictures, m'kay? ;)

Cannwin said...

I think the title of my blog says what it's all about... The Great and Random Ramblings of Cannwin

It really is a random sampling of all the things that run through my head. From the antics of my four children (which garner the most comments) or the crafts I do or the essays I come up with at midnight when I can't sleep.

I enjoy writing about anything that strikes my fancy... maybe that's why blogging is such a good medium for me.

Laura said...

I just started a blog about adjusting to family life, being a wife, mother and adult (I hope). Not sure if anyone is reading it but at this point that's okay with me. I really started it as more of a journal than anything. I figured a blog was a more appropriate place to do that than Facebook. So far, the feedback I've gotten from those who've read it is positive but I notice I do hesitate sometimes to write about certain topics because I don't want my blog to get labeled before I'm even sure how it's going to evolve. Thanks for asking! I like that you ask questions. They make me think whether I post a comment here or not. :)

Purple Cow said...

The blogs I keep coming back to are the ones where people appear to be REAL and UNCENSORED regardless of the quality of the writing. If they respond to my blog I feel there's a communication and that just gets me more interested in them as people and their blogs. But this is not necessary. If I like the issues being discussed I'll keep coming back.

Thanks for the blogs you mention. I've already checked out Tawna. Very witty writing indeed.

My blog isn't about anything in particular and that's probably why it isn't so popular. I started in January and, like Laura, am still trying to figure things out. I think its more a need to express myself, to think and to write for the heck of it. Initially it began as a place where I could grouse about my husband without making things even worse in my personal life. But I'm over that now... :-)

I write anonymously and that has helped me get over any taboos. I think people who can write about their butts while revealing their names are much braver people than I!

Mother Hen said...

Blogging can be an the only thing I write some days except the shopping list which does count if I am writing it for my husband. I have to use colours, size and places on the shelf so he buys the right laundry soap!
I only have a single follower but that's okay for now. My blog is for me, my journal, my tears and smiles and my escape.
I like to see what the rest of the world is up to and this is a nice way to do it.
I'll check out some of the funnies that you mention Wendy- who doesn't need a laugh a day!
Love from the English Countryside,
Mother Hen

Jaleh D said...

Most of the blogs I follow writing related. But I also have funny ones and crafting ones on there. I love the humorous blogs. Hyperbole and a Half is one of my favorites. Allie keeps me in stitches. Wish I could write like that, but I sound phony when I try. But I do have enthusiasm.

My passion for science fiction and fantasy led to my blog's creation. So far it's mostly book reviews with a few movie reviews thrown in. Eventually, I plan to have interviews, author/artist features, and whatever else strikes my fancy that relates somehow to the spec fic theme. I'm still working on posting regularity, but the few comments I've gotten so far have been encouraging.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

My blog is rather random...I write about writing and my writing friends, I post a snippets of my wips, and share things I have observed on my travels around the world (that sounds really good doesnt it) and I occassionally post about my life. (I posted over the weekend about our new Harley and my desire to have the Harley attitude.)

Blogs I read have to be more than just guides to being a better writer, I have to feel like I have a connection with the writer. I like to learn something when I read, but sometimes it's just nice to laugh or cry with the author of the blog.

WendyCinNYC said...

Janna--Love your blog! Everyone should visit.

cannwin--Thanks! I shall check it out!

Laura--That was a tough transition for me, too. An outlet like a blog might've been helpful at the time.

Purple Cow--I'm not anonymous anywhere online, but there are times when I wish I could be, for sure.

Mother Hen--Sounds good. I'll stop by and visit.

Jaleh D--Hyperbole and a Half is a great name! Thanks for the reco.

Sharon--Exactly. I'm looking for that connection as well. Just a straight-up writing tips blog probably won't hold my attention for long, unless there is something unusual about it.


Nice day, everyone, but I all envy you people-- you all have good talent to write, something which I am still trying to have.

What's TMI by way, Wendy, please? I'm new to blogging, but I want to stay in here forever. I'm a Totally Mesmerize Individual now. Thanks for your blog.


Nice day, everyone, but I all envy you people-- you all have good talent to write, something which I am still trying to have.

What's TMI by way, Wendy, please? I'm new to blogging, but I want to stay in here forever. I'm a Totally Mesmerized Individual now. I'm a worrier and I wonder if people from the Philippines like me could really blog the way normal people from other places do.

Thanks for your blog.

Patty S-C said...

I just started my blog in January - I hadn't even looked at a blog before that. I love to write and it seemed like a good distraction from recent unemployment, and quitting smoking. So far, so good. I don't know if I have an angle, or if I'm as funny as I think I am, so any constructive criticism is welcome.

I really enjoy 'Writes in the City'; it was one of the first blogs that stopped me from pressing the 'Next Blog' tab.