Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Emily Post would not approve

Blog friends, what *is* proper etiquette after spilling one's peachtini down the side of one's own dress and onto some poor man's shoes? Is said spiller supposed to grab a cocktail napkin, get on all fours and dab away? Personally, I opted for the slurred-but-heartfelt apology approach. Thank goodness he wasn't mad.

So yes, I went to my fancypants party last night, bangs still not quite grown out, but presentable. I had a drink, (okay, two. Maybe three. But no more than that.) chatted with friends I hadn't seen in a while, and might've actually taken to the dance floor when they played the Stray Cats.

Luckily for my writing, I'm revising a chapter that takes place at a fancypants party similar to this one. I took particular notice of everything going on around me, and indeed had an epiphany for my climactic scene, which, as of now, has MAKE THIS FUNNIER scrawled in the margins. Hooray!

Sadly, I drank too much to remember what it was. I've been pondering it all day. I even tried pulling my dress out of the dry cleaning bag and smelling it, in the hopes the scent of peaches would bring it all back to me.

What tricks do you do to jog your memory?

(And remember, kids: wide-lipped martini glasses and constantly refilled tasty fruity drinks don't mix.)
UPDATE: Here's the NYTimes coverage of the party. Shockingly, I'm not mentioned.


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

You are sooo funny! I can't drink martinis...They give me a pounding headache.

Maybe listening to some music would bring back some of the memories from last night. (Or ask a friend.)

WendyCinNYC said...

Sharon--Good idea! I'll YouTube the Stray Cats.

And yes, I just used "YouTube" as a verb.

JLC said...

I probably would've licked it off his shoe. I wouldn't want to waste it!


As for memory... well, I am blond, so I usually forget that I was supposed to remember something.

Purple Cow said...

The great thing about memory is that you can recreate it!

Jennifer Walkup said...

LOL funny post! good luck remembering!

WendyCinNYC said...

JLC--The thought did occur to me. I can only imagine what Emily Post would say about *that.*

Purple Cow--True. But it seemed like such an insightful idea at the time. Oh well. It probably wasn't!

Jennifer--Thanks, my dear!

Cynthia Reese said...

See? This is why I never go to parties! Hope you remember your epiphany!

Allie said...

I think you're supposed to say "oops," smile and then walk away. That sounds about right. Right? :)

At least you didn't spill on one of the swans!

If I forget an idea, I let it go and trust I'll come up with a new one. I spent way too much time trying to remember things I'd thought of before, and most of the time, if I did jog my memory, it wasn't as good as I had built it up to be. But that's just me. I use to scribble unintelligible notes on paper on my nightstand and then waste days trying to decode it.

moonrat said...

hahahahaha this post made me laugh out loud, three different times.

Purple Cow said...

By the way, in Greece it is considered good luck to spill things...So if you're ever here and spill something just say "Gouri! Gouri!" (Luck! Luck!)

PS Its also good to spit on people!

WendyCinNYC said...

Allie--I was glad to hear those swans died in an epic swan battle. I saw them and was wondering!

Cynthia--I never remembered my epiphany, but I did come up with something else.

moonrat--Glad I could entertain you!

Purple Cow--That's awesome! I'd be full of luck in Greece. I'm always spilling stuff, usually on myself.

jdsanc said...

I love martinis. Dirty Vodka, big-time fav, but not off a shoe. Not happening.

As for bring back the memories, give it a wait. For me, things come to me most often when I am not beating the corners looking for them.
Best of luck with it.
PS Cute blog!

gucci-shoes-bags said...
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WendyCinNYC said...

jdcoughlin--One shoe-free dirty vodka martini comming up. Thanks for visiting!

Comment deleted guy--Spam! Be gone!

sanjeet said...

The great thing about memory is that you can recreate it!
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Melanie Hooyenga said...

Have you rememberedd yet? I hope you do -- that drives me crazy.

As for the drink, I would have given him a napkin and probably offered to clean it.

That is SO WEIRD about the swans...

MeAgain said...

I'd give him the stink eye like he elbowed me and made me do it.

My memory jog is staring at a blank page on a word .doc. That blinking curser saying "have another drink Sunshine" I hate cursers, they are rude and mock me.

I'm suffering a bout of writers block myself so if you get a useful answer, how about sharing?