Thursday, July 23, 2009

Links aplenty

Since I have nothing interesting to say today, I thought I'd let you know about some of my favorite new-to-me blogs:

The Worst Review Ever--This one is Oh My God funny. Authors (or any other kind of artist) submit the worst review they ever received, professional or otherwise, then answer questions about how they felt after reading it. Hilarity ensues. 

The Intern--A clever (and entertaining!) intern helps us press our noses against the glass of a NYC publishing house for a peek inside. 

Pimp My Novel--What happens after you get your book deal? I wish I could tell you personally, but for now, you will have to visit this blog. It's stuffed full of info writers need to know, so read it!

Edittorent--Two editors give writing tips and industry news. 



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. Checking them ASAP.

Oh and for the record, those "wieners" don't look to appetizing. I'm sure they are delicious but....


Melanie Hooyenga said...

I also adore The Intern and have been following Pimp My Novel, but I can already tell I'll love the Worst Review one. Off to "follow"!

Unknown said...

I already follow 2 of these and can't wait to check out the others, thank you!