Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cutie Patooty

It's my kid's 7th birthday. The one on the left wearing the doggy shirt. I'm sure you all care, but it's my blog and I'll be as sappy as I wish. So there. Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

Tomorrow we leave for Christmas break, which will include a visit to the in-laws, a visit the parents, and then a ski trip to Colorado. Let me tell you how much I love skiing: not at all.

This terrifies me.

But my family likes it, so off I go, to sit at the bottom of the mountain and hold everyone's stuff. I have one private lesson scheduled, but frankly, I have the wrong attitude. (Namely, skiing sucks.) I'm having second thoughts after last year's bruised-ass-snowboarding-fiasco. I kind of pity my instructor.
So, I may or may not be blogging, depending on the success of my lesson (fat chance) and the availability of an internet connection.
What do you think? Should I suck it up and take the lesson?


Unknown said...

LOL! You and I have the same 'tude about skiing. I cannot for the life of me see how strapping sticks, that jut out 42 feet in front of me and behind me, to my feet and sliding down a steep mountain is any kind of fun. It's terrifying! And I don't care what they say, using the 'snow plow' method to stop does NOT work!

If it were me, I'd be at the bottom of the mountain sipping hot chocolate.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Happy Day, Charlotte! They're both such cuties, Wendy.

I'm envious. We were supposed to head to Breck for a week immediately after Christmas, but something came up and we had to cancel. I'm like you; I fear the skiis, but I was looking foward to the atmosphere and relaxation, anyway. Be safe! And wear padding.

WendyCinNYC said...

CJ--I'll probably spend a 1/2 day snowplowing on the bunny slopes and then hit the hot chocolate. Or the spa!

Janna--Thanks. She's a sweet girl.

Sorry your trip was cancelled. You can come with my family to Beaver Creek if you like. ;)

WendyCinNYC said...

AC--That's the most likely scenario.

Joanne said...

Hmm, isn't there some shopping around there you can do? Just tell everyone you've moved on to the intermediate level, then do some intermediate antiquing, or clothes shopping? Have fun, I'll bet it's beautiful there.

Spy Scribbler said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cutie Patooty! They're adorable!

Yeah, take the lesson! What if he's really hot? You'll have good fantasy material. And it could be great research material for a future story. Knowing lots of little things about nothing is an important part of being a writer. :-)

(But then spend the rest of the time having a blast writing or something.)

Anonymous said...

I usually take a half day lesson then hit the green hills. I spent a lot of time in those mountains while in high school and college and never mastered skiing. It seems ridiculous to strap wooden slats to your feet and head down a hill. ??? I say grab a Bailey's and hot chocolate and enjoy the view!

WendyCinNYC said...

Joanne--I'd love to, but unless I'm shopping for very chic ski gear, there isn't much happening in the village.

Spyscribbler--That's true! Eye candy on the slopes.

AmyS--Green hills? Can't I just go on flat land?

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Skiing is one of my favorite activities! I hope you give it another try.

Brian Jay Jones said...

Happy happy! I'm with you, skiing sucks. And that's from someone who grew up in the same state as Taos, and lived the foot of a mountain with a respectable ski-run at the top.

It's not that I'm all that concerned about me; it's the person I careen into at 308 miles an hour I'm more worried about.