Sunday, November 23, 2008

It was just that kind of weekend

It's freezing on the East Coast, so all I did all weekend was watch movies. One was an all-time favorite, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Which, incidentally, I'm pretty sure I saw in the theater when I was 11 years old. It was rated R, so that means my mother probably dropped me off at the mall and my friends and I bought movie tickets for Black Stallion Returns. Then sneaked into Fast Times.* Masturbation! Teenage sex! Drugs! How appropriate!

I read about a book coming out soon called Free Range Kids--that pretty much describes my childhood. And somehow I survived.

Anyway, not the point. I noticed something about the teenage actresses from movies in the 80s: no one looked pin-thin, like many today. Everyone looked, well...healthy.


Jennifer Jason Leigh, how cute was she back then? And who didn't want to be Madonna? This is a much better look then, say, this:

Or this:
I'm hungry.

We also watched Beetlejuice (with the kids, who loved it, although I didn't remember quite so much cursing when I saw it last. Oh well.) and a really bleak thing I ordered from Netflix called Half Nelson (most assuredly WITHOUT the kids, since it's all about drug addiction.) Can't say I recommend the latter.
So, how was your weekend?

*Sorry, mom! It's true!


Amy Sue Nathan said...

Did you not just want to BE Molly Ringwald? I did.

WendyCinNYC said...

Sixteen Candles Molly or Pretty in Pink Molly or Breakfast Club Molly?

I'd pick Breakfast Club Molly, because I loved Judd Nelson. Even though he had huge nostrils.

Angie Ledbetter said...

No movies for me this weekend, but I do have fond memories of St. Elmo's Fire.

The skeletal body look is so deathly. eww.

Joanne said...

Was Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High? A surfer dude, or something like that? Haven't seen that one in a long time.

Anonymous said...

I love Beetlejuice. This weekend I stayed home and worked on my NaNo novel. I did watch Twister since it was on TV and because it's one of my favorites.

WendyCinNYC said...

Angie--I loved St Elmo's Fire as well. More Judd Nelson is always good.

Joanne--He was! Spicoli! And lots of other actors when they were young, including Eric Stoltz and Forest Whitaker. And of course Phoebe Cates in her red bikini.

CJ--Bettlejuice was great, too. My daughter wanted to know why he was named after a star. I didn't know. Does anyone else?

Janna Leadbetter said...

Had a blessed weekend, and looking forward to a decent week.

I was just saying today that Madonna and her muscles scare me. I don't need to see all that sinew and skin with the leotards she's been wearing on stage.

Janna Leadbetter said...

ROFL! Just saw your Judd Nelson comment. His nostrils are ALL I see when I look at him!

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Oh, poor Judd Nelson and his ginormous nostrils. I think the first movie I did the "wrong" tickets with was License to Drive. Yes, with the two Coreys. My mom didn't want me to see it because she thought it would encourage me to steal the car or something. It didn't. :)

I used to LOVE Molly!

WendyCinNYC said...

Janna--Poor Madonna. Someone needs to tell her it's okay to age. Then again, maybe in her world it's not.

Melanie--We used to try that trick all the time. I remember getting kicked out of D.C. Cab (there's a fine movie for you.) We acted all aghast "What? You mean this isn't Yentl? So sorry!"

Melanie Hooyenga said...


Spy Scribbler said...

Oh gosh, you're right! This thinness obsession has just gone way overboard. They look gross!